Own Your Data

Instantly access and use the entire Fediverse and FOSSiverse with one single account registration, including full data ownership and portability both in and out.

Coming soon services:

Federated social media

  • Friendica (facebook replacement)
  • Mastodon (twitter replacement)
  • Peertube (youtube replacement)
  • Kbin (reddit replacement)
  • Pixelfed (instagram replacement)

Federated/FOSS business tools

  • Nextcloud (replaces google workspace, microsoft teams)
  • Mattermost (slack replacement)
  • Synapse/Matrix – e2ee chat (whatsapp replacement)
  • WordPress (newsletters, websites)
  • Live Helper Chat (live website chat for sales or support)
  • Espo CRM (customer relations management)
  • Orange HRM (human resources management)
  • Hesk (help desk, support tickets)
  • Mail in a Box (email server)