What is OYD?

  1. Register for one single account with OYD
  2. After you create and confirm your account, instantly have access to all the branches of the fediverse that you want to use
  3. OYD provides you a single configurable dashboard with viewports for your most-used services
  4. We also provide a customizable “Superfeed” of all your online federated channels! words, pics, video, chats, cloud, whatever you decide! have a work feed and a play feed.
  5. Users can migrate existing federated social media accounts on any of our instances, and can later migrate if they choose to.
  6. Register your legacy social media accounts and we provide bridging and post mirroring to help users switch.
  7. Expect this page to get fancier and more user friendly! Let us know if you know anyone who wants to handle our website!