FAQ – Own Your Data

OYD is new new style of social network where the users take back possession of not only their data but also their time. We combine all the tools you’re used to (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, and Reddit) with their fediverse counterparts, then smash everything together into one glorious Superfeed! OYD users are in full control of where and how their data is used and our profits are controlled by our users and not some megalomaniac owner.
A single user account with OYD gives a user access to all of the main branches of federated social media: Mastodon, Pixelfed, Friendica, Peertube, and Kbin. One single account, one single Superfeed that manages all your federated social media channels in the same simple interface.
Federated social media or “The Fediverse” is much the same as legacy social media companies you’re familiar with: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, Youtube. The primary difference is that there isn’t a single entity controlling the algorithms, data, and profits. The fediverse is more interested in providing a healthy, useful, and meaningful social media experience. One that puts the users first, instead of profits.
The entire operating structure of Own Your Data will be managed by a DAO. There are many ways that a user can earn OYD token on the network, and many interactions and activities on OYD cost a little bit also. The more successful the OYD network is, the more successful our users are, and in turn the OYD token. As the OYD token grows in value, extra profits are awarded to effectively altruistic proposals that are submitted by OYD users.
Yes! There are a variety of ways our users can earn income. In addition to being an old-school “content creator” that gets paid via likes, tips, and subscriptions, our users can also provide online services such as human translation, tech support for OYD apps and Fossiverse apps, and even by simply turning on ads while you’re on the network.
The only time you will ever see ads is when you activate them! Our users have the option to provide us with as much or as little demographic information as you choose and our advertisers will pay you to check out their ads. Your personal information never leaves the network and you actually get ads that are meaningful to you for products or services you might actually be interested in.
It’s always 100% free to consume content on OYD! However you’re right, there’s a very manageable fee structure in place simply because it costs money for all the talent and servers to run OYD. And then we charge a little bit extra to go into the general fund so we can get moving on some of our cool projects we want to bring to reality.
OYD users will have the option to pay their fee in their local currency, or via earning on-platform. A basic OYD account with our smallest storage amount is going to be around $10 a month. Power users will pay more based on a fee schedule we’re still working on, and that will eventually controlled by the DAO, as will the monthly fee amounts.